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maandag, 14 februari 2011
DoJ allows FBI to wiretap Americans

During former president George W. Bush's term, the FBI was believed to use such policing powers under the pretext of fighting terrorism. The tactic, however, was applied in abusive manners.

Now, the recent report released to McClatchy seems to indicate that President Barack Obama is continuing the Bush administration policies.

Posted: 11:40:25 PM  


This years Superbowl has everything to do with 2012 and is just another of the small battles being waged publicly to send the symbolic message that there is a war on for control of this earth and her peoples to determine who will 'rule' us after December 2012 and to determine what system we will be living under as a new age begins in 2013.

While there are many ways that the Packers evoke 2012 as well... they are of such a deep esoteric nature that to try to explain them here will take more time than we have right now... so I will just point to one.

The Green Bay Packers are named the Packers because the business that first sponsored them was named - THE INDIAN PACKING COMPANY, very soon afterward, the company was bought by the ACME PACKING COMPANY.

ACME = point of culmination, the pinnacle, the apex, a meridian.

So, just like the Steelers, the Green Bay Packers have encoded a PEAK, A HIGH POINT, A MERIDIAN - a PINNACLE... which is exactly what December 21st, 2012 is as we have seen above. I will try to get back with more of the reasons but the game is near and they are more complicated.

Because it is relevant to the entire discussion I will throw in the meaning of Indian as well. DIANE means Divine one - but esoterically DIANE or DIANA means

DI = the LIGHT
AN(e) = of HEAVEN

or DAYLIGHT or any light in the sky - the sun light or star - light etc.... a light in the sky.

So - In-di-an means

DI = (in) the light
AN = of heaven

As a side note, what makes this all the more interesting is that President Obama is playing the role of Horus. We learned that in his campaign for President... and shortly after he moved into the White House, he announced that he was searching for a FAMILY DOG.

Note from MM: April 14, 2009 = 9-11

(DOG = CANIS MINOR = PROCYON ie - THE WATER DOG = HORUS = OBAMA) and it just so happens that not just any dog would do, he had to find a "SPECIAL" dog due to his daughters allergies.... he ended up getting a Portuguese WATER DOG!!!!

Posted: 11:38:13 PM  

Egypt Army rejects protesters' demands

Egypt's military has rejected the demands of pro-democracy protesters for a swift transfer of power to a civilian administration, saying it will rule by martial law until presidential election is held in September.

Egypt through Iran's 1979 lens

On February 11, 1979, the commander of the Iranian air force announced on national radio that the armed forces were withdrawing from the fight to save the US-backed regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who had already fled the country three weeks before in the face of burgeoning street protests against his autocratic rule.

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The Monday Inspirationpeak

Love is always bestowed as a gift -
freely, willingly and without expectation.
We don't love to be loved;
we love to love.

Dr. Leo Buscaglia, 1924-1998
American Author, Professor and Inspirational Speaker

Posted: 11:15:36 AM  

Risen in Egypt - at etemenanki

In this article I want to quickly and conclusively show that there was an unmistakable esoteric undercurrent flowing through the Egyptian Revolution January 25-February 11, 2011... revealed through "pentachronometry" or a pentagrammic temporal rhythm underlying key world events... Venus made its way across the Milky Way near the Galactic Center immersed in what is called the "Dark Rift," a series of overlapping black "clouds" running through a significant portion of the Milky Way.

The Maya considered it the "road to Xibalba," their underworld (popularly thought integral to the Mayan calendar ominously counting down to "2012").

Venus in the Dark Rift = Lucifer in/rising from the Underworld

Ophiuchus was also there accompanying Venus in the abyss, adding an extra layer of "prophetic" meaning...

The Serpent Holder

The obscure constellation few knew how to pronounce - Ophiuchus - went viral out of nowhere mid-January 2011, becoming an overnight sensation...

Many sensed "something" being signaled. Something wonderful, something "dark".

It was for all intents and purposes an "omen" prefiguring the Underworld opening its mouth in the "Black Land" (Egypt originally kemet meaning "black land").

Venus was the timing aspect of the "prophecy"; Ophiuchus was there to provide spatial information through an orbital "mirror"...

Ophiuchus on Masters

Posted: 10:35:37 AM  

Every week they find a new planet, or so, to live on ..) :

Largest planet in the solar system could be about to be discovered - and it's up to four times the size of Jupiter

Ohw, this one is ABOUT TO BE DISCOVERED ...

Its orbit would be thousands of times further from the Sun than the Earth's - which could explain why it has so far remained undiscovered.
Data which could prove the existence of Tyche, a gas giant in the outer Oort Cloud, is set to be released later this year - although some believe proof has already been garnered by Nasa with its pace telescope, Wise, and is waiting to be pored over.

Posted: 10:33:50 AM  

What exactly is love?

Love is the answer

Planes just don't fall out of the sky

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