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maandag, 7 februari 2011
Numerology in the year 11 - (2011=4):

Super Bowl XLV breaks ratings records with 111 million viewers

Counting those who caught at least part of the Packers' 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium, some 162.9 million people watched the game - nearly 10 million more than a year earlier.

Posted: 11:52:49 PM  

How long is a severed head conscious for?

n 1905 a French doctor wanted to see how long consciousness remained in a severed head and so did a rather morbid experiment at the execution of a beheaded prisoner. The remarkable report is linked from the Wikipedia page on the guillotine.

Somehow this has to do with Though for Today - feb. 1 - 2011

Posted: 11:42:31 PM  

The Venus Project

Blair: No one planning Iran war

The Pain Body

I Wish For You

The Tenth Dimension

'New' model of the Universe

Posted: 12:15:37 PM  

Devastating bushfires wreck havoc as they rip through Australia

Two hundred firefighters battled desperately to control the falmes but they were unable to save the houses.

Posted: 11:53:52 AM  

One of the Most Dangerous 'Drinks' You Can Give Your Child - Dr. Mercola - subscription needed

New research reveals that there could indeed be a link between the controversial MMR vaccine and autism, as well as bowel disease in children.
The study appears to confirm the findings of doctor Andrew Wakefield, who suggested a possible link in 1998 and has since been accused of fraud.

Fraud, not using a condom ... simple techniques to 'kill' some one. But what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger ... (i.o.w: these are lessons ...)

Posted: 11:50:58 AM  

Bradley Manning: Forgotten No More

With Manning gaining wide attention today, it[base ']s worth recalling that two months ago he was largely forgotten. How did so much change?

Even amid the vast Cablegate coverage, as I trace in my new book The Age of WikiLeaks, Manning got little notice, although the blog FireDogLake kept on the case. Then, on December 15, Glenn Greenwald at Salon delivered a strong piece on Manning[base ']s [base "]inhumane detention.[per thou]

Posted: 12:26:43 AM  

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