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donderdag, 24 februari 2011
Breaking: Assange to be extradited to Sweden - via twitter

Posted: 1:04:22 PM  

Movie for Today

Posted: 10:08:59 AM  

Cartoon for Today

Scientists discover key protein which piles the weight back on

Posted: 10:06:55 AM  

Pictured: The moment New Zealand quake shook a city to pieces

Christchurch resembles a warzone as office buildings, homes and churches lie in ruins after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped through the city.

THINK IT THRU: Why do ppl 'need' to look at (disaster) photo's?

Posted: 9:58:50 AM  

Chomsky: US supports stable dictators

Weighing in on the latest developments in the Arab world, renowned American intellectual Noam Chomsky says the US policy of "stability" in the Middle East refers to "stable dictators."

Posted: 9:54:24 AM  

(Another big one coming ...)

I R I S - seismic monitor

Posted: 9:52:35 AM  

The Intention Experiment


Six-year ordeal 'medieval torture': British Gitmo prisoner

Under the world's greatest cities, deadly plates

Posted: 9:47:37 AM  

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