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zaterdag, 19 februari 2011
I R I S - big one coming

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Movie for Today

George Carlin The Ten Commandments Broken Down

Religion is bullshit - another great one from George.

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Fast-growing sunspot complex 1161-1162 erupted on Feb. 18th, producing an M6.6-class solar flare.
The almost-X category blast was one of the strongest flares in years and continued the week-long trend of high solar activity.
NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of more M-flares during the next 24 hours.

Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA

A powerful solar eruption that has already disturbed radio communications in China could disrupt electrical power grids and satellites used on Earth in the next days, NASA said.

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Cartoon for Today

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Bahrain, Libya and Yemen emerge from day of bloody chaos after rebellions across the Middle East

* Crowds defied army crackdowns to attend funerals of dead protesters
* Bahrain king must go, say mourners as five killed and 200 injured
* Violent suppression leads Britain to ban export of tear gas to Arab nation
* Statue of Gaddafi's Green Book crushed in symbolic rebellion
* Claims up to 50 now dead in Libya after helicopter gunships 'opened fire'
* Five dead in Yemen
* Mass turnout as Egypt celebrates 'week without Mubarak'

Twitter is the place to be .. send your tweets to M E if you want me to R T

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Solar storm satellites launched from Florida (2007)

China concerned by U.S. satellite missile plan (2008)

Aliens Land in Russia

Religion (real lies going on)

All beautiful Things

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