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donderdag, 17 februari 2011
Happy French Fries Pommes Frites DAY

Belgium: It's the French Fries Revolution

Belgium overtakes Iraq as holding the record for the longest period without a Government.

The population, fed up with the bickering among the politicians, is to launch a Revolution this Thursday...not a Red Revolution, or a colour revolution, but a Revolution in honour of the country's national dish - pommes frites, or French Fries...

The eleven million-strong population plans its French Fries (US) or Chips (UK) Revolution for Thursday February 17.

Free French Fries are to be distributed as the people take to the streets in Louvain.

Kliment Kostadinov, a spokesperson for the organisers, states that striptease shows may be held as well in Ghent as protesters venture out in their underwear.

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Quote for Today

A person does not have to be behind bars to be a prisoner.
People can be prisoners of their own concepts and ideas.
They can be slaves to their own selves.


Posted: 8:45:48 AM  

Death Star Destroys Enterprise - video

Military force was authorized yesterday after the alleged time travelers and their craft ignored an ultimatum to stop whale poaching.

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Cartoon for Today

Posted: 8:32:36 AM  


Now you're wondering which man is wearing a pyramid on his head. Let me show you.
It's this man:

Posted: 8:27:05 AM  

Doubt over 'shaken baby' theory that has sent dozens of parents to prison

Nice Cartoon

Posted: 8:11:21 AM  

IF my mother was the Queen, I would have shoes ...

CIA: If caught, bin Laden would be sent to Gitmo

And they WON'T catch him ... coz he is dead (and not the terrorrist for 911 ... that is another guy with a Bush in his name) .... :

CLICK here - Benazit Bhutto (also killed...) - speaks about Bin Laden 's Death.

So why the article? THINK!!

Posted: 8:06:48 AM  

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