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vrijdag, 4 februari 2011
Sinkholes en de Large Hadron Collider in Cern

Simulation of orbits in 2007 and 2010 proving that Geneva and Guatemala were in the exact same position relative to the Sun, which is how temporal transfer works. To understand this, you need to understand Contracting Matter Theory.

Via Spirit List

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Movie for NOW

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness
Uploaded by MarinaOfLight

Lift your consciousness up to higher levels.
Christconsciousness is your birth-given-right.
(pro)Claim it ...
Don't "follow" ... only the voice of your hearts, for your heart knows The Truth and The Way ...

This video shows you many symbols ... re-member!

Shine on Star Of Bethlehem - another channeled movie

Note from MM:

Jerusalem and Bethlehem are on a leyline, a mother-earth meridian, shown to you in3D pictures like this - (lines).

It is very important that energy lines are restored.
Elites /illuminaties know that, we are most in the dark (still) ... but are waking up.
The more we are angry, in fear ... all low vibrations ( - guilt and shame are the worse (teachings of thechurch) - ) the less we are able to restore energy and lift-up mother earth (thus you).

Wake up.

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As above, so below - on etemenanki

Posted: 12:07:32 PM  

'US offering plan for Mubarak to quit'

The resolution urged Mubarak to "immediately begin an orderly and peaceful transition to a democratic political system" by handing over power to a caretaker government "in coordination with leaders from Egypt's opposition, civil society, and military."

Bush: Mubarak wanted me to invade Iraq

Posted: 12:05:35 PM  

Hurricane force winds of up to 130mph batter northern Britain

School bus full of children blown into a ditch in Bowness-on-Solway.

Here in The Netherlands it's almost the same:

Strong winds delay flights, trains in north

Winds of up to 90 kph in north western parts of the country have led to delays to rail services in Noord-Holland and some flights from Schiphol airport.

Posted: 11:41:38 AM  

Floods cause traffic chaos

Second missing man safe and well (YASI)

Severe storms, flash floods hit Melbourne and parts of Victoria

Ground zero: the view from the sky after Yasi

Posted: 11:31:37 AM  

How the New World Order is taking control right under our noses!

U.S. says no one too young for Guantanamo court

Bat-killing syndrome spreads in Northeast

In This Now

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