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zondag, 27 februari 2011
Over 50,000 flee Libya amid violence

Over 50,000 people have fled from crisis-hit Libya as forces of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi continue to engage in a killing spree against pro-democracy protesters in the north African country.

Qaddafi deposits £3bn in London

The UK Treasury has stepped up efforts to trace and freeze Qaddafi's assets in Britain.

The assets include billions of dollars in bank accounts, some commercial property and a £10 million mansion in London.
Meanwhile, the Swiss government has assigned its banks to freeze any assets belonging to Qaddafi, issuing a comprehensive blocking order covering 29 people, including the dictator's wife and children, some of his wife's relatives and six officials of the regime.

It's OK to freeze Qaddafi's account, it's not OK to freeze Wikileaks account ... think!

Posted: 10:29:03 AM  

The Darb-i Imam shrine in Isfahan, Iran

Thunderbirds Lizard People & Earth Changes and Jerome Murat (beautiful!)

The Most Advanced Novice

It's February 27

Posted: 10:22:43 AM  

It almost looks like a code ..

Meet Mr Average: Men spend 11 years in front of the TV and 10,500 hours in the pub

Research out yesterday claimed the typical British man will sleep with nine partners over a lifetime and waste one month looking for socks.

I ' understand' the 11, the 10.500 and the 9.
The socks ...
ehm, what kind of riddle could that be ;-)

Posted: 10:17:44 AM  

Snow Falls on San Francisco After a 35-Year Wait

Predictions had called for the possibility of the first significant snowfall in San Francisco since February 1976, when all of an inch fell, according to the National Weather Service. And just before midnight, several high-lying city neighborhoods, including Twin Peaks, at some 900 feet, reported light snowfall.

Posted: 12:36:35 AM  

Christchurch quake: 146 dead

Another 11

Six days after the 6.3 earthquake on Tuesday, hope is fading for any remaining survivors under the Christchurch rubble.

Posted: 12:32:11 AM  

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