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zondag 24 mei 2009
Eighteen 'phantom' MEPs will do no work for two years

Ireland votes again on the Lisbon Treaty this autumn with the intention that it can enter into force from Jan 2010 but an additional legal "protocol" allowing the MEPs to assume full duties could take another two years.

Did you read this last sentence well?
Ireland voted NO and democracy is dead.

Posted: 8:55:47 AM  


In northern Finland, aurora season is officially over. "We now have sunshine 24 hours a day," reports Sauli Koski of Kittila, Finland, at latitude 68 deg. N. "Here are some rays from last night's midnight sun."

Ten days from now, around June 2nd, a solar wind stream is due to hit Earth.
The impact could spark a geomagnetic storm and auroras around the Arctic Circle. If so, no one will see them. With midnight sunbeams like these, it's possible no one will mind.

Posted: 8:47:51 AM  

People always jump of cliffs, shoot themselves in the head, jump into oblivion:

SKoreans mourn death, pay respect to ex-president

Thousands streamed to a village in rural South Korea on Sunday to pay their respects to ex-President Roh Moo-hyun a day after he killed himself by jumping off a rocky cliff overlooking his home.

Posted: 8:23:58 AM  

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