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donderdag 7 mei 2009
Read carefully what it says:

3 ZANU PF ministers knew about Tsvangirai accident the day before

In a shocking revelation that might threaten the fragile power sharing deal between ZANU PF and the MDC,it has emerged that at least three ZANU PF ministers knew about the accident which injured Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and killed his wife Susan ,according to a report that was submitted to the MDC.

A C C I D E N T : They must be P S Y C H I C?

Posting about that event: MARCH 7, 2009 - Latest kNEWs

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We TRAIN you to become good citizens ...

Plenty of flu caution as Mexico returns to work

In gleaming office towers and gritty markets, Mexicans returned to work Wednesday after a five-day swine flu shutdown, and dozens returned to a heroes' welcome from "humiliating" quarantines in China.

Hmmm .... calling the kettle ...

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