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dinsdag 15 januari 2008
Plague a growing but overlooked threat: study

Plague, the disease that devastated medieval Europe, is re-emerging worldwide and poses a growing but overlooked threat.

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Glenn Beck - The Real Story

Link to this clip

Must see...

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The Latest Karen Bishop is Online

January 15 , 2008


We are currently in the process of 'going through the tunnel' to the 'other side,' in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

And now, we are this close to setting foot on new land. The month of January is a good time for tying up loose ends, for taking care of old business that we had not had time to attend to, and for finalizing all those last details that are necessary in order for us to move forward into a new reality.

While these new little ones and our other children are creating the new, many of us baby boomers will get to finally retire, and simply enjoy the pleasures of a new playground of creation. We can rest, be taken care of, create lives of our dreams, and reap the rewards of a great plan accomplished.

For VISUALS, pls see this movie - Re-Veil, it was the Movie For Now, yesterday ...

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First Responder Confronts Kucinich on 9/11 Aid

David Miller's health has drastically worsened since his confrontation with Kucinich-- his cancer has spread from his lungs to his neck and head. The doctors don't give him long to live. Miller has now been hospitalized.
The need for funds for the sick and dying 9/11 First Responders is great since the government denies them disabilities. Many First Responders are left without a choice: the high costs of medication without being able to work has left many first responder families in poverty.

Link to the clip

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Darkworkers, Lightworkers, and Levels of Consciousness | Steve

A lightworker or darkworker, however, is an intensely committed individual. They know why they're here, and they center their lives around what matters. It's either complete and total service to self or complete and total service to others. They're both capable of overcoming obstacles that would intimidate a non-polarized person.
These people are alive and passionate.

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Also in the news:

Scientists unveil 'supercarrot'

It is not the first time the carrot has been tampered with.

Work is also being carried out on broccoli so that it contains more sulforaphane, a chemical which may help people ward off cancer.

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Patriot Radio News Hour

Part 2

Lindsey Williams - $4 to $11 gas

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What if you...

From Lindsey Williams |

If you had lived in year 1928, the year prior to the great depression and you knew that year that the depression was going to take place and the stock market was going to crash, would you have changed your life style and your patterns?

Though none of us knew the Great Depression was coming beforehand, and could not have known the date WW1 & 2 were to start in order to avoid it. We could not have predicted 911 and stayed out of harms way or knew Katrina would hit exactly where and when it did in order to have plenty of time to escape. However, in today's climate we all have access to detailed information that is pointing to the collapse of the US Dollar and can take action to protect ourselves.

Get your Spiritual, Physical and Financial house in order.
Read more here

More Articles on

The Energy Non Crisis | movie

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A Channeling | On Channeling

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The Tuesday Message from InspirationPeak

He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts.

Dr. Samuel Johnson,1709-1784
English Poet and Essayist |

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Daily Motivator

Venture out

Can you find it within yourself to appreciate and even enjoy what you do not like? By so doing, you will experience a sense of acceptance, peace and power.

Can you learn to be understanding and patient when you have been angered, frustrated, or inconvenienced? Do so, and you'll discover a highly effective way to move forward no matter what.

Are you able to respect and explore an opinion or perspective with which you disagree? That can add real strength and conviction to your own perspective.

Life's richness does not come from just staying with what is familiar, comfortable and pleasurable. It is when you venture out, away from the familiar, that you grow stronger and more capable.

Hold tightly to your core values while at the same time opening your mind and your heart to new thoughts, feelings and experiences. Your own perspective will grow stronger when you look at it from other perspectives.

Find ways to provide a healthy challenge for your understanding of life. And you'll learn to understand, to discover and to experience so very much more.

Ralph Marston |

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Its a girl!!

Big Brother's Baby:

Hospitals tagging babies with electronic chips

Over half the birthing facilities in Ohio are being equipped with an RFID infant protection system placed on infants at birth to prevent them from being abducted from the hospital or from being given to the wrong mother.

Pls SEARCH in this site or GOOGLE for more info ...

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Massive Gas Cloud Speeding Toward Collision With Milky Way

The cloud, called Smith's Cloud, after the astronomer who discovered it in 1963, contains enough hydrogen to make a million stars like the Sun. Eleven thousand light-years long and 2,500 light-years wide, it is only 8,000 light-years from our Galaxy's disk.
It is careening toward our Galaxy at more than 150 miles per second, aimed to strike the Milky Way's disk at an angle of about 45 degrees.

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