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dinsdag, 23 februari 2010
Cartoon for Today

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French Oil Strike Stokes Fears of Fuel Shortages

"There's major refining overcapacity in the O.E.C.D. countries, a problem derived from the economic downturn and the significant decline in demand," said Ricardo Crespo, a refining analyst at the I.E.A. in Paris. "In addition, new projects are starting to come on stream."

New refineries now gearing up include sites in Huelva and Puertollano, Spain; and in Aghii Theodori, Greece.
Those projects were conceived around the middle of the last decade, when prices were climbing - a period that "was referred to as a golden age for refining," said Jonathan Leitch, analyst in London at Wood Mackenzie, an energy consultancy.

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February 22 - 2 0 1 0 - on Etemenanki

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Dick Cheney hospitalised with chest pains

Cheney, who has had four heart attacks and had a pacemaker installed in his chest in 2001, was scheduled to meet with former president George W Bush and other staffers from the Bush administration in Washington on Friday for the first time since they left office last January.

Ah, that caused it.
But look on the bRIGHTside: He has a heart

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Argentina rallies regional support over Falklands

It comes a day after a British oil rig began drilling for oil off the islands, a move Argentina formally objected to.

The UK's defence minister said the government would take whatever steps necessary to protect the Falklands.

SEARCH Falkland in this site.

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The UPcoming Martial Laws:

Huge crowd gathers in central Melbourne to support threatened live music venues

A HUGE crowd has gathered in central Melbourne this afternoon in support of threatened live music venues.

Tough liquor licensing laws were relaxed this morning, but that didn't stop a massive throng of fans and musicians gathering on Swanston St to make themselves heard.

Liquor licensing, other reasons ... whatever ... it's GLOBALLY DONE.
No more streetfestivals.
Time to wake up and ask yourself: "WHY"

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In This Now

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